ABOUT LewDix Aviation

Hi, I'm Lewis, owner and founder of LewDix Aviation. I created my YouTube channel in 2015 with the intention of creating videos based around my flight training. I started out with 1 GoPro and 1 Sony Handycam which I set up in the plane to capture everything that I did in my flights. The first videos were rough! I had no video editing experience, and of course it showed in the beginning. But I had to start somewhere! 

Fast forward to 2016 when I was certified as a Flight Instructor (the most difficult checkride I have ever done by the way) and a new vision for my channel started to take shape. I began recording the lessons that I was conducting with students on their own journey's towards achieving their piloting goals. That was the foundation for the videos that you see on my channel today. 

The more I flew with students, the more I grew as an instructor and as a Pilot, learning so much along the way in regards to aviation and video editing. 

I have always been a fun loving type of person and am always myself no matter what I do, and spreads into aviation. I remember during most of my initial training I was nervous to fly with my instructors because of their stern natures and it didn't create a pleasant learning environment for me. In the videos you see me having fun with students while at the same time keeping them focussed and on track to becoming safe and respectful pilots. I want to be a completely different instructor for them, unlike the instructors I had in the past. 

My philosophy is: If you're not having fun while you fly, then you must be doing it the wrong way. As pilots we have the privilege of doing one of the best things in the world, why not make it enjoyable?

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read this!

Welcome To The Sky

- LewDix